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Brawlhalla Review — King of the Platform

Brawlhalla is a platform fighting game majorly inspired by Super Smash Bros. You get to pick one fighter (aka Legend) who has two unique combat styles. From that point, your only goal is to beat the soul out of opponents and dominate the fighting arena. Download Brawlhalla — the game where fighting never ends!

Graphics 4.5/5

This Brawlhalla review favors the game’s visuals. Its optic component in a nutshell can be described as a cartoonish explosion. Restless characters demonstrate some impressive combat choreography with their roundhouses and uppercuts.

These smooth animations are accompanied by satisfying sound foley that you can hear in slapstick comedies or action movies from the 80s. As you land another lucky punch, you raise clouds of colorful dust. When you jump, there’s a jet trail left behind. And every arena is a stellar mini-coliseum that floats in a bizarre dimension.

Gameplay 4/5

The goal is simple: beat everyone. Throw them off the platform. And be the reigning champion. There are a few modes that you can try as well. In Free for All, you will fight with three other players akin to Smash Bros. In Strikeout, you get three characters to play for at once, etc.

Every week, players can partake in the Experimental mode. That’s when new arenas, stances, and even Legends are tried out. Besides, from time to time, exclusive Legends become available free of charge. But only for a short period of time.

There 42 characters to choose from. Each one has two combat styles. E.g., Artemis can use a scythe or rocket launcher as special weapons. Barazza switches from a battle ax to blaster. Hatorri is a sword master who also doesn’t mind a little spear action, and so on.

All in all, the game is hectic, dynamic, and fun. And most importantly, it’s free on every platform, including Brawlhalla Nintendo Switch version. However, it provides no free cosmetics and keeps kickass characters behind a paywall.

Controls 4/5

Brawlhalla full game has standard fighting controls on every device. For instance, on PC WASD is responsible for movement, Spacebar for jumping, J for light attacks, and H for heavy attacks. Brawlhalla Xbox One assigns movement to the Analog stick, jumping to A, etc.

Replay Value 5-/5

For a free game, Brawlhalla is sure a blessing. It offers fun matches charged with energy and a good caboodle of punches. There are always contenders to protect your titles from. And if you want, the local multiplayer is also supported. So, the game deserves to be a long-time commitment.


Brawlhalla is a worthy heir to Smash Bros. legacy. Its higgledy-piggledy fights offer a great pacing, ranking system, PvP modes, as well as team beat-em-ups so you can join forces with friends. So, if you’ve been looking for a solid online fighting game — your quest for Grail is over..

Pros : Large fandom;
42 characters available;
Brawlhalla free download;
Quick & dynamic matches.

Cons : Gold is hard to earn;
Battle system can be confusing;
Exclusive characters cost money.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.3

Everyone enjoy playing this game
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