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Diner Bros

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Diner Bros is a restaurant simulation game that offers little new content. The action lacks excitement and is not nearly enough to keep you coming back for more. You can download Diner Bros only on Windows.

Diner Bros Review: Utterly Slow & Disappointing

Diner Bros is a restaurant simulation game that offers little new content. The action lacks excitement and is not nearly enough to keep you coming back for more. You can download Diner Bros only on Windows.

Graphics — 3/5

The laid-back cartoon graphics are quite suited for this genre as there isn’t much activity outside of the restaurant. The graphics are poorly contrasted and slow, however, which significantly takes away from any fun playing this game. At times, it gets difficult trying to see the reducing time bars over each customer, while most times the game is awkwardly slow. You need to check your screen carefully to see what activity needs to be prioritized.

Gameplay — 3/5

Gameplay and mechanics are the core parts of this Diner Bros review. This game offers very little other than the discomforting timer that is always moving faster than you. There’s no change of environment here unlike Overcooked, the other well-known game in this genre. Meal preparation has a set timer, and you’ll lose money if you don’t serve customers in time. You have to balance between satisfying different numbers of customers and preparing meals correctly. There are different kinds of customers such as joggers and construction workers, all of whom have different timer needs.

The game shows you different ingredients which you should use to create the various meals. However, you might find the ingredients in different places and getting to these isn’t fun with non-responsive controls. Everything in this game has a timer attached to it, including food in the oven which you can easily lose track of with everything else happening on-screen. The game offers different kitchen configurations, which is fun for co-op play.

Controls — 3/5

The worst part about this game has to be the clunky, non-responsive controls, made worse by laggy gameplay. Though you can map your preferred control buttons, the process is far from intuitive, and you might easily get frustrated by finding out that buttons don’t work as planned. For players who are only starting out, the experience can be maddening, and you might find yourself tossing your controller around.

Replay Value — 2/5

This game offers little incentive to keep playing with the only saving grace being its co-op mode in which friends can join you in different restaurant set-ups. The game doesn’t offer much in terms of new content, and there’s very little innovation even in the menus that you serve. You can finish the campaign in 5 hours or less, and it’s doubtful whether you’ll want to pick up the controller to play this game afterward.


While the game might seem a little bleak, you can make a quick comparison between this game and a title in the same genre like Overcooked. Both are cooking simulation games, but you can easily spot the difference in creativity between the two. Diner Bros is laggy and offers little variety of the menus or settings, while Overcooked packs a lot of adventure for a simple cooking sim game.


Be prepared for massive disappointment if you download Diner Bros. Very little content is offered..

Pros : Offers a tutorial on how to play the game.

Cons : The game graphics and controls are slow and occasionally unresponsive;
Little diversity.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 3

Controls 3

Replay Value 2

Average : 2.8

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