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Folklore Hunter is a first-person horror game with lots of actions and adventures. Download Folklore Hunter and get ready to meet the awful monsters.

Folklore Hunter Review: Hunt Smartly

Folklore Hunter is a first-person horror game with lots of actions and adventures. Download Folklore Hunter and get ready to meet the awful monsters.

Graphics 5/5

The design is quite well-done with terrifying, not very real monsters. Sounding makes you feel that the monster is somewhere around. You will hear the heartbeat.

Gameplay 5/5

This is an online multiplayer inviting you to slay a powerful monster living in the forest in North America. You will have various tools to reach your objectives. Also, you are suggested to do it with your friends. You can share your achievements and invite an unlimited number of other players to join. There are full multiplayer Co-op capabilities. You will start with nothing wandering around the woods, looking for the monster’s tracks, unlocking the secrets, gathering the resources in various places. The items you find will help you in hunting.

They are batteries, traps, cameras, guns, and other things. You will be provided with useful information like health status and others. There is a well-done map with plenty of locations like abandoned campsites, caves, strange cabins, and other objects. Choose the right place to set the camera and keep the surrounding under control. In the long run, you will slay the beast, or you will fail. To complete your mission, hunt in a smart way!

Control 5/5

The controls are responsive and accurately made with regard of your convenience. You will master them quite quickly.

Replay value 5/5

Being a professional hunter with a brilliant reputation, you usually kill the weird beasts out of this world. Now you have to find a wendigo living in the woods. You will start with the very beginning. Be ready to learn its instincts and behavior, develop the tactics, set traps, and manage to capture that beast before it kills you. Explore the delivered map in all possible directions. There are lots of things to do as you can judge from this Folklore Hunter review.

The Bottom Line

If you are a horror game lover, you will like this title – it will not disappoint you for sure.


The game is in the early stages of development, that is why you should not judge too harshly. You will enjoy playing even if you face some lags. Download Folklore Hunter to complete new challenges, fight against the monsters. It comes with the in-app purchases extending your experience..

Pros : The graphics are rather realistic corresponding to the concept of the game;
There is a detailed map;
The gameplay is rather strong providing plenty of diverse tasks and challenges.

Cons : The bugs are possible.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.5

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