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EA 2.0 Version Available NOW!!!

Mysteria ~Occult Shadows~ Review

EA 2.0 Version Available NOW!!!
Developed by college students from
"U-Secret Studio" Kemomimi x Dark Fairy Tale

--------welcome to mysteria----------

Guide Death Shadow through a world of wonders.
The world Sulnas is heavily infested with dark power.
Give yourself to the basic instincts and purge this world with light.

+ Snappy Controls, challenging in every way.
+ Quick Time Events! End your enemies with style.
+Fully animated cut scenes and full Japanese VA.
+ Destroy your enemies with 3 kind of weapons
+ Well-designed combat system, make every cut deep to your enemies flesh and bone.
+ Grapple and jump, handle every battle as agile as a cat.
+ Puzzles and myths can tell a story on their own.
+ Over 30 unique enemies (15+ in EA version)
+ Full controller support
+ Fantastic Lighting + Stylized PBR rendering makes the game as real as your fantasies.
+BGMs and music composed by the famous group project lights
+Unique costumes and weapons!
+Fully customized your own experience.

Explore the forbidden zones in the mainland, Surnas, discover the biggest secret hidden behind the Ferre civilization, or beat the evil creatures as you wish - you drive the power from the deepest darkness, and nothing constrains you.

Mysteria: Occult Shadowsis a 3D, free-camera, real-time action adventure game developed by indie game studio formed by College students. This game features the Dark-Tale-Style scenes and Ferre characters design, with a variety of supernatural elements organized into the main and branch stories.

Everyone enjoy playing this game
You just can't miss this game!
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