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Noita is an action-adventure RPG game developed by Nolla Games. You will play as a witch who creates and casts spells on the enemies to make it alive.

Noita Review: Calling Out All The Witches and Witchers for a Coven!

Noita is an action-adventure RPG game developed by Nolla Games. You will play as a witch who creates and casts spells on the enemies to make it alive.

Graphics 4/5

Fans of the genre will be struck by the simple design and large pixels, which the developers have assigned the main role in the upcoming festival of colors. Each effect of the game is implemented exclusively in pixels. It looks very lively, and there is no feeling that something was done purely for the picture. The duet of pixels and vibrant coloring makes the game stand out from other similar genre products. Though, the pixel design is an issue of taste, so that's why we've given the visuals only 4 points in this Noita review.

Gameplay 5/5

All the power of your protagonist is based on the use of wands. Initially, the player has only two of them: one is an infinite and rather weak stick with physical damage, which does not have any effects, and the second generates a small bomb. There are only three charges, so you should use it wisely. The fact is that each wand has its charge of mana, the speed of its regeneration and casting of spells, as well as slots for spells that can be transferred from one wand to another, or entered into a book for future use.

By combining the magic in this way, you get a weapon with the effects of your choice. If you want a ball to fly out of the wand and break into a lava puddle – do it! The Noita gameplay is awesome since you have complete freedom of spell combos.

Controls 4/5

The Noita game uses classic controls: WASD, space bar, and the mouse cursor will become the dungeon explorer's best friends. The gamepad will rather interfere than help the player. In difficult and lightning-fast battles, the accuracy of the shot at the cursor is extremely important, which is much more convenient to control with the help of a computer mouse.

When you hover over an individual element, you can read what it is. For example, a black hill in front of you is marked as coal, and the player already intuitively understands that coal, when interacting with a flame, will create stable combustion that can be used for certain purposes.

Replay Value 5/5

Noita is an excellent RPG game, where every pixel obeys the laws of physics. Players can bring down ceilings near caves, evaporate water from lakes, make craters in the ground, and destroy opponents and explore the world. Doesn't that sound as bait for coming back again and again? I think it is!

The Bottom Line

Dynamic, bright, and dangerous, Noita will keep you busy for many hours. Aren't you sure? Download Noita and try to tell me it didn't impress you!


With all of the perks and amazing graphics, Noita calls out all of the witches and witchers to join the game and defeat enemies by creating awesome spells. Once you master controls and explore how the spell combos work, I believe that Noita will be your daily lockdown routine..

Pros : Charming graphics;
Convenient and intuitive control;
Unique duet of pixels and Physics.

Cons : There is no minimap;
High complexity.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.5

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