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Project Winter Review: Survive in the Coldest Tundra

Project Winter is a multiplayer survival game. You don't only need to protect yourself from cold weather and wild animals, but you also should be careful while communicating with others – there are betrayers in the team. You can download Project Winter on your PC and play it online with your friends.

Graphics 4/5

The Project Winter latest version graphics are quite simple but nice. The snow effects and wild animals are at the highest level. Overall, I can give 4 points to the graphics in this Project Winter review, because the developers were able to create this survival but friendly atmosphere. Some people say they lack music during the play. But I don't think it's a big minus, because you need to concentrate and also communicate with other players.

Gameplay 4/5

It's also 4 points to the Project Winter gameplay, and I will explain why. The game starts when four people appear in a small house in the snow desert. Two of them are traitors, and others are survivors. The betrayers can communicate with each other.

The main goal of survivors is to call the rescue vehicle. To do this, you should collect resources and complete diverse tasks. Traitors should stop other players using all methods they can come up with. Survivors can detect them and throw away from the game. Or instead, the betrayers can earn the trust of others and kill them in an inappropriate moment.

It takes a lot of time to understand what you should do in a game – and it's the only minus. But you can easily become a professional after several plays. Project Winter system requirements are not high, so you can play it even if you have Windows 7 and three GB of free space. 

Controls 3/5

I can give 3 points to the Project Winter survival game controls because it's sometimes difficult to fight with animals and collect resources in such a small scope. Also, you can see a map only near the house. But communication is at the highest level. If you're too far away from others, they can't hear you – this feature adds a realistic effect. 

Replay Value 5/5

Although it takes some time to get how to play the Project Winter game, most people continue to play it again and again. So, it's 5 points to the replay value. Project Winter gives the adventure feeling and has a great community where everyone respects each other. You need to use your intelligence abilities to win the game – it's not just a simple guest, and that's why players like Project Winter. 

The Bottom Line

How does it feel to survive in the cold tundra in real-life? Hopefully, you can download Project Winter to discover this feeling. The best thing is that you can play it with friends or meet new interesting people. Teamwork gives a lot of positive emotions, especially when you're able to find betrayers and don't allow them to ruin your escape plan. Or maybe playing as a traitor gives you more pleasure? Project Winter allows you to try every role. 


Project Winter will fit you if you like teamwork and unique survival games. It's time to discover whether you're a betrayer or not.

Pros : You can play Project Winter with friends;
Nice graphics.

Cons : It takes some time to understand how to play.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 3

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.0

Everyone enjoy playing this game
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