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Sparklite Review: Build Your Sparklite Town

Sparklite is an action-adventure game with pleasant visuals. The Sparklite game world exists because of the gems power source, which you should enrich, finding the blue ores. You can download Sparklite and play it on PC, Switch, Nintendo, Xbox One, and PlayStation.

Graphics 5/5

The locations change during the Sparklite game, which is not tiresome at all but creates a nice adventure atmosphere. Soundtracks give some action to the game but allow you to concentrate. Color combinations are pleasurable for your eyes. You can play Sparklite latest version hours after hours. However, the locations can repeat too frequently, and it's a minus if you like long games with diverse, interesting areas. But most people leave good reviews about Sparklite update. 

Gameplay 3/5

Sparklite is a standard adventure game but with its preferences. You play as an engineer, and you have a small drone that helps you with tasks. There is a town which you should develop to get to the final area. You also get to various locations to find blue ores. Sparklite game online allows you to improve not only your city but also yourself. 

Diverse bosses wait on your path. However, they are not difficult to overcome, and it usually takes minutes to get to the next location. As I noted before, when you play Sparklite adventure game for some time, the areas can repeat. Of course, they are not identical, but some people say that it becomes boring. 

It takes not much time to get to the final point. The game duration depends on a player, so I can't say it's too short or too long. Overall, Sparklite full game worth playing it because it doesn't require much effort, so you can relax while playing. 

Controls 4/5

It's quite easy to run the character. You can jump and hit your enemies several times one after another. The player moves fast, so sometimes you don't even need to fight bosses, you can just run away from them. But I don't recommend you to do this, because I haven't met difficult enemies while playing Sparklite. When you die, you reborn in your town – so you can continue the game with no problems. 

Replay Value 3/5

If you search for the game that has enjoyable graphics and music, and you like to spend a lot of time on it, you will play Sparklite again and again. But most people write in Sparklite review that it's a game for one or two times. It's because Sparklite locations don't change if you start a new game. You won't get any new experience. However, it's just pleasurable to play it, so Sparklite installs worth it. 

The Bottom Line

Aventure games can be realistic and really difficult when some of them are fast and simple. I would rather say that Sparklite is one of these light action games. It has a warm and interesting atmosphere, so I think if you download Sparklite, you can play it to get a rest after hard work. I hope the developers will improve this game and add new locations because many players like Sparklite and wait for this. 


Sparklite is a nice way to spend your evening fighting bosses and collecting blue ores to improve your own world.

Pros : Colorful and pleasant graphics;
Easy to play;
Interesting story.

Cons : Take a little time to get to the final point;
Locations repeat.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 3

Controls 4

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.8

Everyone enjoy playing this game
You just can't miss this game!
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