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This Land is My Land Review: Show Who is The Boss on This Land

This Land Is My Land is a role-playing action game. It's a time when the Native Americans were fighting to protect their land. You will play as a leader of the small tribe. The early access of this game is available, so you can download This Land is My Land on your PC and recapture your area. 

Graphics 5/5

The developers were able to recreate American forests and fields of that time in This Land is My Land latest version. Besides, the characters have awesome wild leather clothing. You will use different weapons to fight your enemies, and it looks realistic with a lot of blood and struggle sounds. So, This Land is My Land update graphics are on a higher level, especially the locations – they are dynamic and change due to your choices.

Gameplay 5/5

I think you have already understood the main goal of This Land is My Land game. There are many enemies on your land, and you should show them who the boss is. You have a tribe that is loyal and will fight to the death for you. The new Native Americans can come to your team, and you can send them to collect resources or kill enemies. 

Talking about recourses, you can find animals to eat or get leather, steal weapons, or exchange what you need with the conquerors. You have positive and negative karma, and due to your choices, the locations may change, even the people around may become another. It's an interesting feature is This Land is My Land gameplay.

Remember that you're the chief, and you should take care of your tribe. To provide this, you should improve your skills. It doesn't only give you the feeling you're cool but also help you to open new combat, crafting, and increase your progress. 

Controls 5/5

You can walk, run, or ride a horse to get to a certain location faster. In the beginning, you meet your tribe and get some tips about how to manage your character. So, This Land is My Land specs are not difficult to understand. You will have a horse and weapon, and you can start fighting enemies as soon as you want. It takes a little time to accustom to your player.

Replay Value 5/5 

This Land is My Land demo is on early access, but it's a unique action game, and many people recommend playing it. You would rather play it again because every time you make a different choice, the consequences change, so you can get new experience. It's really interesting to see the difference when you get positive or negative karma, or both at the same time. 

The Bottom Line

Playing as a Native American, and having a whole tribe is a great experience. Developers work hard to add new locations and skills, so you will be able to download This Land is My Land in a full version. In my opinion, it worth playing it on early access. The atmosphere of the old times makes a game even more exciting. This Land is My Land costs a little but gives you diverse, memorable emotions. 


Nothing can be better than the feeling of freedom when you know that no one wants to get your land and kill your tribe. This Land is My Land is the game you need if this feeling is close to you.

Pros : High-level graphics;
The gameplay changes due to your choices.

Cons : You can't choose the characters.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

Everyone recommends to play it!
Everyone enjoy playing this game
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