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Zombie City

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Zombie City is a VR game set in a city taken over by zombies, and you’re the one alive who protects the living. So you can download Zombie City and check it.

Zombie City Review: Virtual Deadality

Zombie City is a VR game set in a city taken over by zombies, and you’re the one alive who protects the living. So you can download Zombie City and check it.

Graphics 4/5

When it comes to VR games, everything falls out of place. Photorealism isn’t necessary, and we can accept shooting the cubic dead so they fall apart into many small cubes is not the way Romero or Fulci presented it. Of course, it’s a first-person view game, and it provides the necessary immersion, despite Minecraft-like style. It even offers day and night cycle, so the immersion is even better.

Gameplay 5/5

No need to reinvent the wheel, the developers decided, so it’s just a first-person shooter set in virtual reality. You’re one of the rare survivors in the zombified city, and, probably, the only one who knows how to pull the trigger. So you’re here, protecting the living, while your allies get you weapons, ammo, and all the necessary stuff.

Weapons are various and diverse; from AK-47 and M4 to tomahawk and katana. In Survival mode you need to stand defending the spot for seven days, while more and more zombies arrive. They’re growing stronger, but you upgrade your weapons and equipment too.

There are only two locations so far, and the gameplay doesn’t boast much diversity, so the most amusing thing about Zombie City is its VR feature. As an example of VR industry, it makes some sense, especially if you have ever dreamt of living in the world of Minecraft. But that must be the most amusing thing about it.

Controls 4/5

That’s one of the strangest elements of VR games. You’ll need a headset with a controller (like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive), that’s necessary to play the game without watching. You’ll have to get used to it, so you don’t have to look. This particular game takes a little time to get used to, especially, when it comes to throwing tomahawks. It’s a paradox, but, due to lack of levels, modes and quests, learning can be the best part of the gameplay.

Replay Value 2/5

Games like this usually fall short on diverse gameplay that makes you want to return to it. Being a VR game, Zombie City attracts with this, and, maybe, you’ll want to show it to your friends two or three times, just to demonstrate how it works. But it takes just about half an hour to see all it has to offer, and there’s no new content or extra modes to motivate you back into it. Your bullets in the bodies aren’t coins in the pool.


We’d like to write another Zombie City review when it’s reworked and enriched with new content, game modes, and environments. So far it’s curious, and that’s it. It’s a promising beginning, but too small for a commercial game.


So far it’s rather a demo; but if you want something new for your VR headset, you can download Zombie City and spend an hour or so in it..

Pros : VR;
Original cubic visuals;
Fast pace and dynamics (partly due to VR).

Cons : Requires a VR headset and a motion controller gamepad;
Little content and low replay value;
Secondary setting.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 2

Average : 3.8

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Everyone recommends to play it!
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One of the best role-play games ever!
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