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Gloomhaven is a real old school role-playing game, only in a computer version. The Gloomhaven release date took place in 2019. The game is available in the Early Access version.

Gloomhaven Review: Old School Game for New Generations

Gloomhaven is a real old school role-playing game, only in a computer version. The Gloomhaven release date took place in 2019. The game is available in the Early Access version.

Graphics 4/5

Let's start this Gloomhaven review with the visuals stuffing. As a full-fledged port of an original board game, Gloomhaven works smoothly on any computer that meets the official requirements. However, here comes the Early Access thing, which spoils the whole impression with small glitches and poor-quality textures. However, I bet that the production studio will fix this soon.

Gameplay 5/5

The gameplay of Gloomhaven is built around the passage of various scenarios (as a rule, it involves exploring various dungeons) and trips across the global map. Tactical battles are based not on the usual mechanics of throwing dice, but on the use of a character's deck of cards. At the global level, you decide where the party of adventurers will go next time. You should also develop characters and pump their abilities as well as buy equipment.

The game takes place in an unusual fantasy world that bears little resemblance to the usual settings. Instead of elf-gnome-orcs, the characters are representatives of outlandish people. Magic is closely intertwined with technology (the player is free to play both an engineer and a spellcaster). The game starts in the city of Gloomharbor, which serves as a starting point for adventurers. Each character joins the group for some reason or exactly until he completes his mission.

Controls 5/5

What I love about this game is that it runs smoothly and probably mistakeless on any appropriate Windows device. The controls are simple and intuitive, so you don't have much time to master it.

Replay Value 5/5

How often in video games do you experience the moment when the character reaches the maximum level? There is nowhere to grow further, development stops, and interest in the game gradually fades away.

Thankfully, the author of Gloomhaven smartly solved this problem: each character receives a personal life goal upon creation. They go on adventures for their sake, and not for some salvation of the World. That's why the replay value of the game is unquestionable.


The Bottom Line

In some moments, the game feels overwhelming. To experience this emotion, I recommend you to download Gloomhaven and try it by yourself.


Gloomhaven is an all-inclusive computer RPG. You'll get unique characters with their own stories and life goals, modern and interesting battles a non-linear storyline, random events, and mysteries. The World of the game lives and develops together with the players. The game is not perfect and not suitable for everyone (although ratings stubbornly refute this statement), but this is a gift from a fan to other fans. And not only for fans of complex board games but also for old-school RPG fans who are not afraid of bulky rules..

Pros : Interesting and balanced battles with dramatic endings;
Characters with their own goals and stories;
COnstantly developing World.

Cons : You have to learn the rules carefully.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

Everyone enjoy playing this game
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