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NinNinDays Review: A Romantic Novel

NinNinDays is a romantic visual novel game. It has one character – a girl that lives with you. And you're a young student, and all the action in a game consists of dialogues. You can download NinNinDays and play it on Switch or your PC.

Graphics 5/5

Most people choose the NinNinDays game because of its nice visual effects. During the game, you will mostly be at your home and sometimes appear outside. The game is created in the anime style. So, if you like this genre, the NinNinDays Graphics will be a pleasure for you. If you know nothing about anime, it's a good way to start exploring this game style. 

Gameplay 4/5

NinNinDays has its story with the main character Sumire. Her father is a village chief, and the girl becomes tired and travels to the city. But because she doesn't have money, she was wandering near the road, where the main character offered her help. And she became the guest in his house. 

There are no many actions in the NinNinDay gameplay, you just communicate with Sumire and sometimes change locations. You can choose how the dialogue will develop. Mostly all the time, you read the text – that's why it's called a romantic novel. However, you won't be boring, because Sumire changes her emotions during the game continuously. 

Your character has no idea how to interact with girls, especially with Sumire. During the game, you will watch how he changes. NinNinDays full game is a short story, but it has high detailed in dialogue, which differs it a little from other games of the same genre. 

Controls 4/5

Actually, you don't do many actions during the NinNinDays update playing. But you can change the dialogue development, and it becomes really exciting after some time. It takes a little time to get to the final point. And it's a great thing because you can enjoy the game, but it doesn't become too boring. The only minus I want to mention in this NinNinDays review is that you can't choose another character with another story. 

Replay Value 4/5

As there is one story mode, people usually don't play it more than twice. However, there are NinNinDays fans that have played this game dozens of times, so it depends on your preferences. Overall, the game is pleasurable and allows relaxing. Most people choose it because of the wonderful art, and I can understand them. So, if you like visual games with nice art and an interesting story, the NinNinDays game online will fit you perfectly.  

The Bottom Line

Romantic novels are quite popular nowadays, and it's hard to find a unique one that will have an exciting plot. NinNinDays seems to be the standard novel game, but when you download NinNinDays, it may turn a nice game with good arts. This game doesn't have high system requirements, so you can install it right now and see if you like this genre. I hope the developers will add more characters in the future. 


If you like to read romantic novels, you can try the NinNinDays game to add some action to your hobby.

Pros : High-level arts;
Relaxing game.

Cons : Has only one character.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.3

One of the most trending games right now!
Everyone recommends to play it!
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