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Art is about expressing the innermost sanctums of our thoughts, and Doodle Date lets you explore those deep thoughts, minus the talent. You can download Doodle Date only on Windows.

Doodle Date Review: Little Simulation of Actual Dating

Art is about expressing the innermost sanctums of our thoughts, and Doodle Date lets you explore those deep thoughts, minus the talent. You can download Doodle Date only on Windows.

Graphics — 4/5

There is certain creativity to making a game with terrible graphics and such a great storyline. Doodle Date is one prime example of a game in which the graphics are part of the game mechanics. You can literally draw anything in this game, with a mysterious cartoon woman by the name of Claire guiding you. The background looks like a ruled paper book, while the text conversations are bold.

Gameplay — 4/5

The game lets you engage in dating simulation and see how the results pan out. The game starts with a monologue which eventually leads to you opening the pages of your doodle book after a voice summons you from inside. Claire is a mysterious anime lady that is an old doodle book acquaintance. It’s befuddling how for a game that markets itself as a dating sim only limits you to one gender to start with. It could easily be coded to make the gender selection flexible. As you soon find out from Claire, you can draw anything in the game, and it will come to life.

Once you start drawing your own doodles, the game transforms into a fast rollercoaster that leaves you grasping at the clutches of reality as you seek to catch on with all that’s happening. In this game, there can be a change in the script at any moment, although each decision you make affects the future outcome.

Controls — 5/5

For a game in the drawing and life sim genre, the controls are quite appropriate, as long as your screen allows you enough room to draw your doodles. If you’re playing with a mouse, then that’s unfortunate for you. A trackpad or a sensor pad with a stylus input is much better for your drawings, although the end effect is all about convenience and not how the game pans out.

Replay Value — 4/5

Suffice to say that Doodle Date fails to live up to the expectations of a dating simulation game but offers tons of humor in return. Normal dating rarely moves as fast as in Doodle Date, because here you can go from a first-time meet-up to casual murder in a few moves. The biggest draw for this game would be the endless hours of laughter which it provides without much effort.


As a fitting end to this Doodle Date review, it’s recommended that you enjoy this as a slow afternoon burner with a friend, a crush or a better half. It’s a unique and fun game in which funnily drawn animations are a game mechanic that serves mounds of laughter. Doodle Date might rub some shoulders the wrong way because you never seem to know what to expect, but it is a worthy spend of your $1.99.


This game is for anyone who wants to have a fun moment with someone special and test reactions. If you fit the description, you should download Doodle Date..

Pros : Humorous and unpredictable;
You don’t have to be an artist to draw funny doodles;
You can create anything you want to feed the story.  

Cons : Limited to a single gender when starting out.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.3

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