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NASCAR Heat 3 is the official racing game based on the famous NASCAR series. If you like racing games and don’t take them too seriously, download NASCAR Heat 3 and enjoy

NASCAR Heat 3 Review: Good Deal If You’ve Got the Wheel

NASCAR Heat 3 is the official racing game based on the famous NASCAR series. If you like racing games and don’t take them too seriously, download NASCAR Heat 3 and enjoy

Graphics 4/5

Its style is a bit too arcade, and that’s the correct decision. Because it’s the arcade you should expect, not a serious race recreation. Tracks, cars, and characters look artificial, drawn in a comic book style, but that forms the perfect harmony with the game’s mechanics. It can get a little blurry when racing at the high speed, but so it is in real life. But what should have been better is the sounds; sometimes they’re just intolerably disgusting, ear-cutting.

Gameplay 5/5

Racing games are first of all about racing, but the developers of NASCAR Heat 3 offer it in the diversity of ways. You can select your car from pre-made setups or tune it by yourself. There are real and fictional tracks to follow, AI and real rivals for you to do, and various careers to follow and teams to gather.

As for racing experience, it’s very dynamic, with fast response, and you don’t just notice the imperfectness of drawing. The physics isn’t the strongest side of the game, making it a bit cartoonish, and any damage made not fatal. In Options you can adjust parameters like crash damage or AI level when racing against it.

There are options of playing a multiplayer race online or a local one, with two gamepads and a split screen. The latter is playable if you have a TV or a really big monitor connected.

And don’t expect too much realism from it. While writing this NASCAR Heat 3 review, the author had to keep in mind that it’s an arcade, not a simulator, and that defines its mechanics and stylistics.

Controls 4/5

It’s perfect if you have a wheel controller or a decent gamepad. They’re quite easily configurable, and the response is generally good. But it’s much worse when you have none of these; keyboard usage is a poor replacement. Besides that, the control layout is far from perfect, and you’ll have to relearn it. Luckily, sensibility can be adjusted in Settings. But if you only have a keyboard-and-mouse setup, the adjustments won’t help.

Replay Value 5/5

If you like this game at all, you’ll enjoy replaying it, circle by circle, to get better scores. Multiplayer options contribute to its replay value too: it’s different each time versus some unknown human. And it’s even more fun to play against someone you know. When the Career is done, you can select another player.


NASCAR Heat 3 is a decent game if you don’t expect too much. It features famous names, real and fantasy series, decent controls with special gaming inputs.


If you like racing and particularly NASCAR, you should download NASCAR Heat 3; but if you have neither gamepad nor wheel controller, you won’t truly enjoy it..

Pros : It’s the official NASCAR;
Decent visuals;
Tons of fun with a wheel or a gamepad;
Low system requirements.

Cons : Poor keyboard controls;
The style is too arcade;
Terrible sounds.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.5

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