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Cities: Skylines is a classical city management simulator remade for Nintendo Switch. How does it feel to control big city life with JoyCons? Download Cities: Skylines for Nintendo Switch and experience city control anew!

Cities: Skylines Review for Nintendo Switch: Less Glamour, More Glitches, Still Great

Cities: Skylines is a classical city management simulator remade for Nintendo Switch. How does it feel to control big city life with JoyCons? Download Cities: Skylines for Nintendo Switch and experience city control anew!

Graphics – 4/5

Frankly speaking, it could have been worse on Switch with its hardware and screen limitations. But the designers did a good work of fitting the game that boasts its extra high definition and detailed view into this small box named Switch. Not as deeply zoomable, Switch version still looks decent in portable version. On a large TV screen it, in fact, runs much behind PC version. So it’s way better when played on built-in screen.

Gameplay – 5/5

City management never puts you in the middle of today’s big city. It starts with quite a small town you build and make sure it functions properly. Then you push its limits, explore new types of building, provide inhabitants with jobs and amenities, and do your best to be (giggling) reelected. Cities: Skylines is just this sort.

You’re not a god, unlike many similarly looking games. You’re just the Mayor, and your limits are set by the game, by the way, your city functions and your citizens' act. Respond to their needs and be attentive to grant yourself another cadence. The city you start to develop has some terrain to explore and occupy and some access to natural resources, like water.

Always leave place for another road, we say. And still, one day you can learn the city suffocates and cries for more roads. Then you can just haussmannize some districts by destroying them completely and building from scratch.

While graphical splendor had to be sacrificed, complications of running the city are almost all here. It’s more comfortable to take it with you wherever, but home playing is better on PC or Xbox.

Controls – 3/5

JoyCon is a nontrivial type of controller, and adapting PC controls to it was quite a piece of work. Still, Nintendo doesn’t quite catch up with what mouse and keyboard can be when precision is above dynamics. Selecting objects or even areas is much harder with JoyCon, and there’s no touchscreen option. Not that it’s impossible, though, and the difference only matters when you have tried both options. Still, it makes clear why strategies are mostly considered PC prerogative.

Replay Value – 4/5

Strategies like this are not much fun to restart, but they get more and more enthralling, the further you go. This one always has new objects in store for you, and each level leaves lots of missions unnecessary, so you can return to them later. That’s what makes the game so inexhaustible. If you have played it on PC, though, you can consider Nintendo version too dull and cut down.

The Bottom Line

Cities: Skylines review for Nintendo Switch version had to be written separately. Though it shares most features with PC version, there are limitations caused first of all by weak hardware. The bigger your city grows, the more of torture and less of joy it becomes.


There isnā€™t a lot of city management strategies for this console. If you like this sort of game, you may download Cities Skylines for Nintendo Switch, and it can even become your favorite, but it lacks a lot from PC youā€™d miss..

Pros : Deep multilevel city infrastructure integration;
Visuals quite good for a portable device;
Demonstrates what a lousy job being a Mayor isJ.

Cons : Controls donā€™t work as effectively as on PC;
Performance limitations affect the gameplay;
This game isnā€™t the one to play casually.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 3

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.0

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