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Stellaris Review: Explore a Wonderful World

Stellaris is a global strategy game where you should discover the space. Besides explorations in the universe, Stellaris game offers you to have an empire that you should develop and protect. Download Stellaris on your PC or Mac OS X and start your investigations now. 

Graphics 5/5

It will be hard to find a game that is as though out the last detail as Stellaris game is. The Stellaris latest version has a lot of tiny improvements, you may not even detect them, because the Stellaris online game is huge and look hilarious in all ways. It's a great pleasure to explore the universe that is very similar to our own. Besides, the spaceships and weapons in the game have various construction and will surprise you for sure.

Gameplay 5/5

Stellaris is a global game, which means there are many ways of its development, and every session will be unique. The Stellaris gameplay starts when you get your own empire, some weapons, and a task to discover the space. In the beginning, it is not simple to understand what you should do. There are so many possibilities – you can explore thousands of stars and planets in several galaxies.

Besides exploration, you can cooperate with other empires. In Stellaris, full game may exchange resources or fight with the same enemies. When your empire becomes large, you will give the controls to the AI and be calm that your colonies are developing smoothly.

To take part in the fighting, you should prepare your weapons. It's an exciting moment because you can customize a ship to the smallest details. Your character may also be customized, or you may create a unique one for yourself. The race will revolutionize with time, the new technologies will open for you. 

Controls 4/5

It does take time to get used to the interface and controls. As the game is huge, you probably will need several sessions to discover all the possibilities. You won't be boring. The process of discovering is very pleasant and gives you the feeling like you're the pioneer in this part of the galaxy. It might be hard to get some progress in the beginning, but I will give 4 points to the controls in this Stellaris review.

Replay Value 5/5 

Most Stellaris update players start this game over and over again. It doesn't become boring because you explore something new every time. There are so many characters, that one life is not enough to try them all. What is great is that you can not only discover but also create your empire with a unique strategy and see if it will work well. 

The Bottom Line

Stellaris combines so many hilarious arts, technologies, strategies – all this in one game. And it doesn't stop on this, it continues developing more and more. If you like to explore the universe, or you're a fan of global strategy games, download Stellaris and see how amazing this game is. It doesn't have high system requirements, so it's a big plus. 


Stellaris is truly the game you will play again and again and won't feel boring even if you don't like strategies.

Pros : Amazing arts;
You will find something new every time you play Stellaris.

Cons : It takes a lot of time to accustom to the game.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

Very interesting singleplayer mode.
One of the most trending games right now!
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