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The Transport Fever latest version is a gold standard for transport simulation. In Transport Fever 2, you will navigate the transport routes through air, water, and land.

Transport Fever 2 Review: Simulation for Road Empire

The Transport Fever latest version is a gold standard for transport simulation. In Transport Fever 2, you will navigate the transport routes through air, water, and land.

Graphics 5/5

The nice and detailed graphics completes the feeling of the presence on the streets. You will manage the building process from the upper perspective, and after a successful opening, you may enjoy your work from the inside. You can ride the vehicle (bus, train, plane) from the first person and enjoy the trip, admiring the constructed roads, bridges, train stations, picturesque scenery under a realistic sky.

Gameplay 5/5

Your mission is to create the perfectly working transport system in the developing city. So the gameplay is focused on infrastructural progress and prosperity.

Here you can control every aspect of the railroads to be precise you plan the roads, build the schedules, hire the workers, set semaphores, loading and unloading goods, control the passenger flow, etc. Even the presence of the railroad in the dormitory suburbs will decrease the number of population and speed of the city development as the people couldn't sleep well. You should pay attention to this and many other aspects of city planning during the game.

The Transport Fever 2 offers three historical campaigns from 1850 to the present days on the different continents. Various missions will turn you to the infrastructural magnate with trains, ships, planes, automobiles all over the world, while cutscenes and voiceovers vivid the gameplay experience.

Controls 4/5

The controls are intuitive. For example, the rail building tools are easy to manage. The modular airports, harbors, trains, buses, and truck stations make it easy to expand the transport empire. Almost everything controlled by the player — schedule, route, stops, traffic signs. So it is the great challenge of your managing skills. Nevertheless, you can't control the city growth, it develops automatically based on your traffic decisions. So build thoughtfully.

Replay Value 4/5

The Transport Fever 2 game has three location types: tropical, dry and moderate. It has realistic models of over 200 vehicles from Europe, America and Asia. The Transport Fever 2 gameplay composed of three sceneries and has numerous additional options. I suppose you will come back to this game to challenge your managing abilities with different transports at different times. It will be extremely interesting for history and automobile fans.


The single-player simulation Transport Fever 2 was released at 10 February 2019. Even the free to play mode had over 50 achievements that bring you to the big world of transportation on air, water and land. The proficient, detailed graphics supplement the game with realistic models from different centuries. The crowded cities, individualise persons and animals complete the image of the artificial world.


If you want to be a transport magnate download the Transport Fever 2. This transport simulation covers all corners of the world..

Pros : Numerous options for creativity;
3 story modes with set of models, missions;
Realistic graphics.

Cons : Automobile roads building process complicated because of bag of the game.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.5

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